About Our Self Feeding PreSpoon

Welcome to NumNum! Founded by parents Doug and Jessica, NumNum is a boutique baby brand started in Atlanta in 2013. While we as a company are committed to providing smart, innovative products that help parents achieve mealtime happiness, we are equally as passionate about our social causes, such as contributing to the fight against childhood hunger to help the 66 million undernourished children worldwide.

It all began in 2012 when Doug and Jessica wanted to help their son, Conor, who had been struggling with the spoon. After suffering through months of trying virtually every spoon on the market, they decided to solve the problem on their own. What followed was a year of sketches, prototypes, consultations with pediatric feeding experts, and even more prototypes. Then, they found a solution that seemed to work. The couple were ecstatic as they watched Conor pick up this odd-looking utensil and use it effortlessly the very first time!

While our products are now sold around the world, NumNum is still a small company among giants in our industry. We’re okay with that. Because we have big ideas. Lots of them! And that’s what differentiates us. We are innovators. And we invite you and your little ones to join us in the #NumNumRevolution.