Bodies Come in All Sizes

Bodies Come in All Sizes

Babies, children and adults come in all different sizes. The goal isn’t for us to all grow on the 50th percentile...the goal is for our bodies to follow their genetic path and grow in a relatively predictable pattern into adulthood. That means that a 90th %ile kid will likely become a 90th %ile teen. Growth charts are meant to predict and compare growth *depending on previous growth and size,* not to suggest that there’s a “right” place on the chart for everyone to be. Sometimes kids grow outward before growing tall. Sometimes kids stay at the 1st percentile. We are all different and our sizes are meant to be different. Celebrate 🎊🎈your child’s size, whatever it may be, and work with your doctor and a dietitian if you need help!

A few things that we know help most kids with predictable growth for THEIR bodies:

  • Positive family mealtime experiences
  • No pressure to eat or force feeding
  • Regular, predictable, filling and tasty meals and snacks
  • Water as the primary beverage
  • Access to safe play
  • Role modeling of positive body image and self-acceptance

Let’s offer a variety of balanced foods, let our kids decide how much to eat of what’s served at a meal or snack, and not comment about their size or weight gain. Let’s raise a generation that doesn’t have a body image crisis like ours.

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