Step right up to the Three Spoon Circus

Make mealtime magic with the GOOtensil Gift Set

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GOOtensil Gift Set

Make mealtime magic wherever you go! This convenient gift set will get first-time eaters off to a great start on their self-feeding journey. It comes with:

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Three Spoon Circus Ready

with Feeding Littles' favorite spoons

If your little one is so excited to self-feed that they won't let go of their utensil, this technique is for you.

Preload GOOtensil 1 with a bite of food and pass the spoon to baby
Repeat with spoon 2
Instead of taking the empty spoon from baby’s hand, introduce a third loaded spoon
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Save $15
Feeding Littles Gift SetFeeding Littles Gift Set
Feeding Littles Gift Set Sale price$35 Regular price$50
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Save $6
Feeding Littles Neon GOOtensilsFeeding Littles Neon GOOtensils
Feeding Littles Neon GOOtensils Sale price$19 Regular price$25
Save $6
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Save $6
Feeding Littles Neutral GOOtensilsFeeding Littles Neutral GOOtensils
Feeding Littles Neutral GOOtensils Sale price$19 Regular price$25
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Neon Fruit Monster Three Spoon Circus BundleNeon Fruit Monster Three Spoon Circus Bundle
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Neutral Foodie Three Spoon Circus BundleNeutral Foodie Three Spoon Circus Bundle

Watch it all in action

Why Feeding Littles loves GOOtensils

Judy OTR/L, CLC and Megan, MPH, RDN are big fans

Judy Delaware and Megan McNamee started Feeding Littles to empower parents and caregivers to raise adventurous, intuitive eaters. When they discovered GOOtensils, they knew GOOtensils were a fantastic foundational tool to teach self-feeding.

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Hear Why Megan and Judy Love GOOtensils

Spoiler Alert: They have the best design for babies to hold and easily grip more food for mealtime success!

Best spoons for self feeding

These are my favorite spoons to let my baby self feed. They are the perfect size for the baby to maneuver them and learn how to use utensils. My baby loves these spoons.

— Athena

Perfect for the first stage of feeding

It was easy for my 6 month old baby to hold and put in their mouth with no problem. Great for teething, easy to clean.

— Juan

Encourages self feeding

This was the second spoon we tried and it works amazing! Baby wants to hold it and will willingly feed himself, really seems to enjoy the teething functionality too. Would recommend.

— Alys
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About NumNum

It's more than just a meal

At NumNum, believe that every little bite is a big step towards nurturing your little one's growth! Our mission is to make mealtime a bonding experience through expert-endorsed, parent-tested products that make introducing solids simpler and full of toothy, gummy, food-covered smiles. We aim to empower parents and caregivers to create a positive self-feeding experience for their precious ones!