The NumNum GOOtensil Receives Gold Mom's Choice Award

award winning baby spoons for self feeding

Eight years ago, Jessica and I improvised an odd-looking flat spoon for our son, Conor, who was  struggling with a traditional toddler spoon. When I say struggling, I mean like rarely did any food even make it in into his mouth kind of struggling. We were so focused on helping our little guy, we weren't thinking about mass producing the spoon or winning accolades from pediatricians and moms. We simply wanted to help our son.

Fast forward to a few months ago, we learned that our crazy little spoon, the GOOtensil as it's come to be known, had received a Gold Level One Mom's Choice Award, the highest award they bestow on a product. The feeling we had was much like the feeling we had when we received that very first email from a customer thanking us for helping their child. It's surreal. And wonderful. And emotional. And we are eternally grateful to the Mom's Choice Awards and to every customer that has allowed NumNum into their homes to help with mealtimes. Thank you for trusting us and believing in our product. There could be no #numnumrevolution without you.

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