High Chair Positioning

High Chair Positioning

We get this question allllllll the time: “What high chairs do you recommend?” 🤔

Well, we love high chairs that allow your baby or toddler to sit with optimal positioning! Tag a friend in the solid food stage!

💥💥💥 If your chair is working for you, that’s awesome! Don’t change a thing. But if you find that your child is struggling with eating/food or they seem uncomfortable, below is a bit more info that can help you make modifications.

When kids sit like adults do at the table - sitting upright, feet supported, hands able to reach the food - they’re more likely to eat and stay there longer!

Interestingly, most high chairs don’t allow for this positioning. Instead, babies lean back, are far from their food, and lack a foot rest they can touch with their little legs.

Watch Genesis, 7 months, eat in a chair that caused her to lean back. Notice how she seemed to be sliding down in the chair. She was uncomfortable, and it was affecting how skillfully she was eating.

Then, see her in the @stokkebaby Tripp Trapp, one of the favorites on our list {notsponsored}. We see this time and time again in our private practices AND with thousands of families in our Feeding Littles community - when their baby is better positioned, they’re more likely to stay in the chair and eat.

It’s kind of like when you sit down to eat…if you’re slouchy, you can’t reach your food, or your feet dangle, you’re less comfortable and won’t stay for long.

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