Your Baby's Taste Preferences Change

Your Baby's Taste Preferences Change

Which foods did you despise as a kid that you love now...or not? 😫🥴

Our taste preferences change as we get older and we’re exposed to more and more foods. It's OK for our kids to not love everything right now. And it’s OK if they never love that food - we are allowed to have preferences! Will you tag a friend who might love to see this? ❤️

Sometimes parents get discouraged when their kids don't seem to like a variety of foods. But…sometimes it takes 15-20 {or like 100 🙄} exposures of a given food for your kiddo to eventually eat it. They might touch it, pick it up but put it down, put it in their mouth and spit it out…and all of these are good signs that they will likely eat it, eventually.

Try to be patient and serve it in small quantities as often as your family eats it, making sure you have at least one familiar or preferred on the plate as well.

So, when your baby picks up a new food and immediately makes a face as they eat it, it doesn’t mean they’ll hate it forever or that it’s time to give up on it. It just means they need more time and exposure.

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